Start with Registration

Forget contracts and signatures at branches, as you can register completely online. Download the GreenGo App to your smartphone and register. All you need is one proof of identity, driver’s license (at least 1 year old) and a payment card.

Subsequently, we will verify your identity. And within an hour after your registration you are ready to head to the streets with GreenGo.

You can also register here at our website and then switch to the app to complete your verification.

If you prefer to register offline, stop by at our Customer Service location at Národní 135/14 (entry from Mikulandská Street).

How to find?

Log onto the app

The map shows you all GreenGo cars available at the moment. Upon tapping the icon, the app shows you walking distance to the nearest GreenGo and its battery-charge status to better plan your route. Pick the most convenient one and go where you want.

You can book a GreenGo for up to 30 minutes ahead free of charge. This means we will reserve the car for this period for you and no one else can rent it.

How to start?

Smartphone is all you need for GreenGo

Have you picked a car? All you need to do is walk to it, using the map in your application for navigation. Are you at the car? Enter your 4-digit PIN to your application and tap – it’s unlocked. Note: The car documentation is in the glove box in case you need it :).

+ 60 min FREE

Download, register and GO!

How to use?

You don’t need a manual to drive our electric car, it’s simple

It just takes a little time to get used to it.

Are you in the car? Don’t look for keys. You start the car simply by stepping on the break pedal and pushing the Start button at the same time. When the display shows ‘Ready,’ you can shift into a gear. Step on the brake pedal and shift to the ‘D’ gear, or the ‘R’ gear for reverse. You are good to go.

You don’t hear the motor running? Silence behind the wheel is a luxury. Enjoy it, but also be careful of pedestrians and other drivers.

Do you want to drive sustainably? Acceleration and breaking use the most energy, specifically batteries. Be environmentally-friendly and use recuperation as much as possible (the ‘B’ gear on the gear shift). The car will be recharging during the journey. You don’t even need to step on the brake pedal, the car will stop by itself.

park Parking, car is fixed
reverse Going backwards
neutral Just freewheeling
drive Forward freewheeling
'B' driving mode Recuperation

How to close?

Ending the rental

How to end the drive? Upon stopping, step on the brake pedal and shift to the ‘P’ gear. Pull on the hand break. Also, don’t forget to turn off lights and close all windows. At the end, be stepping on the break pedal and push the Start button to turn off the motor at the same time.

How to lock the car? When you get out, tap on the padlock icon. Before ending the rental, also apply your bonus minutes and other coupons. Only then end the rental by tapping the ‘Close Rental’ icon.


Do you need to quickly stop somewhere along your route? Use the parking mode.

How to do this? Simply park the car where you need, including blue and purple zones. Back parking sensors can make your parking easier. Subsequently shift the gear to ‘P’ and proceed as with the end of rental but you tap on the P icon to park the car. Stop over fee is applied until ignition or starting the engine. As soon as you lock the car, you are charged the cheaper rate for the parking mode.