Drive for the trees!

Together for a greener future!
CO2 emission is one of the biggest challenges today, to which urban transport also makes a major contribution.  For us it is extremely important not to burden the air of Budapest with more exhaust gas but we know we can do more than that. Therefore besides operating an emission-free fleet we have decided to capture CO2 emissions from less environmentally friendly vehicles with newly planted trees.

In the fall of 2020 we have planted 500 trees


We want carsharing to be a sustainable alternative until all market players switch to a purely electrical solution. And since having enough tree is an utopy we will not stop at 500 but continue to work along with the 10 Million Trees Foundation to plan new plantings by 2021.

And here you come into the picture!

Drive for the trees! Program

If you would like to contribute to tree planting for a cleaner present and future, join our Drive for the Trees! Program. 

By doing so each minute spent with driving will cost you 1 Ft more and we will add another 1 Ft to those so altogether 2 forints will fall into the piggy bank after each minute. 

So if you are on board you will pay 66 Ft instead of 65 or 81 Ft instead of 80 for every minute spent driving depending on your price plan. Non-driving fees such as parking or reservation remain unchanged. 

The money raised together until March 31, 2021 will be spent entirely on the tree planting campaign. The planting will take place in the spring of 2021. We will keep you informed about the event and the amount collected on this page. Details can be found in the GTC.

You can join the Drive for the Trees! Program in the application under Contracts/Price Plan Info. You also have the option to set it at the end of your rentals. (If you do not see the program, update the application)

Why is it good to plant trees?

In addition to producing oxygen trees play a key role in the processing of harmful carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, sequestering pollutants, filtering the air, providing protection against the harmful effects of noise pollution and vibration thus protecting even the surrounding residential buildings.

Trees also not only improve our mental health and well-being, but also have a beneficial effect in the summer heat. They make hot weather more bearable, cool the air and contribute to the improvement of the urban ecosystem.

Drive with us for the trees!
Let's drive together for the trees!

GreenGo gives its Users the opportunity to participate in its "Drive for the Trees!" program. By partcipating in this program, the Users may support the 10milliĆ³ FA Foundation through GreenGo by paying a 1 HUF/minute supporter surcharge for every minute of the Driving Time of Rental Contracts concluded on the basis of their Framework Agreement. The Foundation uses the donation received from GreenGo for planting trees. Users may indicate their intention to participate (or stop participating) in the program using the Mobile Application, at the latest when the rental is closed. The application of the Daily Fee and the use of Bonus Minutes are not taken into account when calculating the surcharge to be paid. The surcharge shall be calculated on the basis of the full driving time of the rental period. In addition to the supporter surcharge paid by the user, GreenGo will donate an additional HUF 1 for each minute of driving of the affected rentals. However GreenGo shall not be liable for the Foundation's operation, activities and for the fulfillment of its campaign(s). Furthermore, GreenGo shall not be liable for any acts, ommissions, conduct, occurrance or circumstance falling within the purview, control or interest of the Foundation.The detailed rules for participation in the program may be found in the GreenGo GTC and Prices & Fees List.