About us

To this day GreenGo Budapest is the only fully electric e-carsharing service in Budapest. We launched in 2016 with 45 cars—and lots has changed since then. Our fleet now contains 500 cars. Our service area has expanded. We’re continuously developing our app and our cars.

One thing, however, has not changed. We’ve had a mission since the beginning, one that lies behind all our steps. GreenGo means much more than a simple and easily accessible mode of transportation both to us and our customers.

Our beliefs


Since the beginning, we have been working on making our environment—the city—a better and more livable place, steadily moving toward sustainable and progressive solutions. E-carsharing is an important tool to attain the above. We are aware that our challenging future will not be about ownership but about sharing. It is more rational to have access to certain goods in the moments we require them than to have ownership over them at all cost.

We believe not in driving cars but in urban mobility. We don’t want to compete with non-polluting alternatives, instead we support them. Someone who drives a GreenGo in the morning might walk, bike or just hop on public transport in the afternoon.

Much like GreenGo, the spaces of the city are shared. As is, of course, our joint future, which we must begin to build today.


The advantages of community and sharing are meaningless if we neglect the world around us. If our goal is to ease each other’s burdens, why would we exploit the environment that provides us the very conditions for life? By popularizing electric driving and sharing-based mobility, and by developing the city’s charging network GreenGo is offering an uncompromising solution for sustainable transportation.

In all our activities we seek to apply green solutions. For this reason the majority of our charging stations use electricity from renewable sources. The cleaning of our fleet is carried out without water, and we use natural cleaning agents.


Our vision can only be turned into reality if we offer alternatives that are available to all. For this reason our entire registration process can be completed online. All you need is a phone to rent a car. Our fee schedule is flexible, affordable and competitive.

All our developments respond to arising user needs. We are in close cooperation with our own community, and together we make GreenGo better, quicker and more convenient.

Because GreenGo is: Mine. Yours. Ours.