Discount for under 25s

Enjoy the discounted rates of the Green Plus price plan with no monthly fee!

Youth is the key to our future, so old, outdated habits must be replaced by something new, forward-looking, and sustainable. Urban mobility, i.e. transport within Budapest, is a perfect example. If we believe we can create a liveable and lovable environment around us, we need to change our habits. Young people and e-carsharing may play a crucial role in this.

That's why we've decided to waive the monthly fee of Green Plus for all our users under 25 years of age.Taking advantage of the benefits and falling in love with the diversity of urban transport hopefully leads to the decision not to buy their own car. We truly believe that the future lies in sharing.

How does it work?

  • If you have already successfully registered, open Coupons in the Discounts menu of the app, press the Add coupon button and enter coupon code GGUNDER25.
  • Wait for the confirmation email about successful coupon redemption.
  • If you have received the confirmation email, check your price plan under Price plan menu in the application. If you have Green Plus price plan, you are all set. If you don’t, switch to Green Plus.

For detailed information on the fees and discounts for the Green Plus price plan, see the Prices page.

The promotion is binding between at 00:00 on 22.09.2022 and at 23.59 on 31.12.2024. or by its withdrawal, which is the earlier. User under 25 age who has Green Plus Price Plan within the promotion period or who modifies his/her Price Plan to Green Plus Price Plan in accordance with the provisions of Section 8.5.2 of the General Terms and Conditions during the promotion period and enters the „GGUNDER25” coupon code in the Mobile Application is entitled to benefit from the promotion. GreenGo provides the Beneficiary with a 100% discount on the monthly fee of the Green Plus Price Plan until he/she reaches the age of 25. Upon reaching the age of 25 the Beneficiary loses his/her right to the Discount, and he/she will be charged for the Monthly Fee item of the Green Plus Price Plan according to the Price Schedule in force at that time, starting from the first Billing Day following the date of his/her 25th birthday. The Monthly Fee discount provided as part of the promotion is automatically applied. The discount cannot be combined with any other discount for the same Rental Fee item. The information is not exhaustive. For further details please see the Terms of Promotions („25 év alattiak Green Plus havidíj kedvezménye”).