GreenGo Packages

You want to get a better deal on GreenGo? Buy yourself a GreenGo Package! You’d like to give GreenGo as a gift? No problem!

For yourself

If you know you’ll be using GreenGo a lot in a certain period, and you want to make it more cost effective, you can purchase a GreenGo pass. If you use GreenGo a lot, it’s always worth it.

A fixed-cost GreenGo package can be purchased in the Discounts menu of the mobile app. You can choose to use it to reduce your driving or parking costs, or your monthly fee. And we’ll throw in a little extra for each!

Choose from the following packages:

5 000 Ft package

5 250 of greengoing, which you can use within 14 days

10 000 Ft package

10 500 of greengoing, which you can use within 30 days

20 000 Ft package

22 000 of greengoing, which you can use within 30 days

40 000 Ft package

45 000 of greengoing, which you can use within 45 days

As a gift

Surprise your family and friends with a GreenGo Package as a gift!

Available packages:

You can buy one type of package at a time, but as many of those as you like up to a value of 100,000 Ft. After your purchase we’ll send the coupon(s) containing a code to the email address you provided. You can even print the PDFs and put them in a gift box! All the recipient of your gift has to do is type in the code from their coupon(s), and they’ll receive their GreenGo Package right away.

GreenGo package coupons can be activated within 12 months of purchase and can be used within 12 months from the date of activation.

For more information on the use of GreenGo Packages please see our General Terms of Conditions.