The rental process


In order to start your first GreenGo drive through town as soon as possible, you can do the full registration online.

  1. You can start here on the website or use the application. All you need is a driver’s license that is over one year old, your personal ID (ID card or passport) and your credit card.
  2. The entire registration process can be completed within a few minutes. We’ll check your documents as quickly as possible (if all your data is correct this will take just a couple of minutes). We know that if you need something, you probably need it right away.
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Download the
the app here!


  1. Once you’ve chosen a car you should tap the clock icon to reserve it, to make sure it’s there when you need it—you can hold your reservation at no cost for 20 minutes.
  2. Once you get to the GreenGo you chose, use the lock icon to begin your rental. Enter the PIN code to identify yourself, or use the personal biometric identifier on your smartphone.
  3. Walk around the car to make sure it’s in good shape. If you see any damage, take a picture of it. It’s important not to skip this step, as this allows us to track the condition of the car when you access it. Once you’ve done this, the doors open and you can take a seat.
  4. Check around the back seat too to register the condition of the interior, and off you go!

Make sure that you leave enough charge in the car at the end of your rental (9% for VW e-ups (18 kWh), 4,5% for VW e-ups and Skoda Citigos (36 kWh) and 6% for Kangoos according to the app),  so we can wheel over to the closest charging station. As such, we ask that you choose a GreenGo that allows you to leave the car as described above.

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Start the car

  1. You don’t need a key to start the ignition. After adjusting the mirrors and the seat, just step on the brake pedal, leave the car in P position, and press the START/STOP button located in front of the gear shift for 2 seconds.

  2. At this point you’ll hear an audio signal and the word READY will appear on the dashboard. And now you’re really ready to go and become a greengoer!

  3. Move the gear shift from P to D/B, release the parking brake, take your foot off the brake pedal and you’re rolling!

Here you’ll find some tips for using the automatic transmission.

At first you might be surprised by the fact that there is no sound, but soon you’ll feel this is the friendliest silence you’ve ever experienced on the road!


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If you need to make a stop (but you plan to get back on the road in the same car), use the standby parking function!

This way you don’t stop your rental, but keep the car at a much lower minute rate.

  1. This is just like finishing your rental, but instead of pressing the lock icon, you press the P icon on the left to lock the car.

  2. To continue your journey press the P icon again. The doors will open and you’re good to go!

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Locking the car

Once you’ve arrived and decide you and the car will go your separate ways,

  1. Don’t forget to check and make sure you are within the service zone, the windows are up, the parking brake is on, the lights are off, and the gear shift is in P.
  2. At this point press the START/STOP button again for 2 seconds. This will turn off the motor.
  3. After getting out of the car press the lock icon. The next screen allows you to redeem any bonus minutes or coupons you might have. This closes off your rental.
  4. After the lock clicks, take pictures of the car again to register its state at the end of your rental. We strongly suggest you never skip this step, because this is your proof that later damage was not caused during your rental time.
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