Bonus minutes

A little extra time can go a long way, so there are lots of ways to get bonus minutes for using GreenGo.

If you leave the car charged 80% or above at the end of your day rental, we’ll give you 45 bonus minutes. Thank you for making sure the car is ready to be used right away!


Recommend GreenGo to your friends by sending them your unique recommendation code, which you’ll find in the app. When they successfully register they’ll get 30 bonus minutes, and after their first rental you’ll also gain 30 free minutes.


If your car is charged at 30% or less at the end of your rental, and you leave it charging at one of the GreenGo charging posts, we’ll reward your kindness with 10 bonus minutes.


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You can sign up in the ‘Profile’ menu of the GreenGo mobile app. For rules on our discounts and current offers, please visit our Terms of Promotions.

For further details on redeeming bonus minutes please see our General Terms of Conditions.