Monthly fee gets you more: Green Plus & Green Premium price plans


The Green price plan is the perfect choice if you’re still new to our service and only use it occasionally, but be prepared, it is easy to fall for greengoing – and in this case it is worth switching to a monthly price plan. Check below.

GREEN PLUS – 990 Ft / mo

Switch if:


  • That said if you greengo comfortably home from your workplace twice, your next rental will be already cheaper – the Green Plus price plan gets you back its price when you drive MORE THAN 50 MINUTES A MONTH.

You know that you will have AT LEAST ONE DAILY RENTAL, you’ll be better off already the first time:

  • Instead of 13 490 Ft you’ll get a GreenGo (18kWh) FOR ONLY 10 990 FT for a whole day. That means that it is much more worth it even included the monthly fee: the 10 990 Ft daily fee and the 990 Ft monthly fee is only 11 980 Ft together, so you SAVE MORE THAN 1500 FT AT YOUR FIRST DAILY RENTAL, and if you’ll have more daily rentals, you save even more!
    Well done!

You’d prefer to pay 65 FT FOR DRIVING INSTEAD OF 85 FT , and 32 FT FOR PARKING INSTEAD OF 40 FT

  • That said a 20-minute drive will cost you 1300 FT INSTEAD OF 1700 FT and 20 minutes of parking will cost you 640 FT INSTEAD OF 800 FT.

  • The other fees of the Green Plus price plan are also more affordable than the fees of the Green price plan, e.g. parking in the discounted blue zone is ONLY 8 FT INSTEAD OF 10 FT.

GREEN PREMIUM – 4990 Ft / mo

Switch if:


  • This is really not that much, you’ll reach it if you visit your family by car every weekend – the Green Premium gets you back its prices and it is an even better choice than Green Plus, when you drive MORE THAN 125 MINUTES A MONTH.

You know you’ll have to go to the countryside or you’ll need at least once a GreenGo for a whole day, because if you have a Green Premium price plan, every month THE FIRST DAILY FEE GOES HALF PRICE AND THE MONTHLY FEE RETURNS IMMEDIATELY compared to the Green price plan

  • That means that the first daily fee (5245 Ft) and the monthly fee (4990 Ft) sums up to 10 235 Ft, so YOU SAVE 3255 FT compared to the 13 490 Ft daily fee of the Green price plan (in case of a 18 kWh car)!

  • This special 50% discount goes ONLY FOR GREEN PREMIUM SUBSCRIBERS .

You’d prefer to pay 45 FT FOR DRIVING INSTEAD OF 85 FT and 22 FT FOR PARKING INSTEAD OF 40 FT compared to the Green price plan

  • That said a 20-minute drive will cost you 900 FT INSTEAD OF 1700 FT and 20 minutes of parking will cost you 440 FT INSTEAD OF 800 FT.

Wait though, some more extra discounts come with the Green Premium price plan!

The airport transfer is available at a 50% PRICE for you: for 840 Ft.
  • Come to the airport or leave home with a GreenGo and enjoy the incredibly low-price transfer
FREE PARKING AT NIGHT, that is from 10PM till 7AM you don’t have to pay for parking.
  • That means you may also take home the GreenGo with you if you know you’ll need it the next morning, and that costs you nothing

Isn’t it worth it? That’s how you may switch

You may initiate switching from from one price plan to another in the app any time, just go to Contract/Rentals menu and press Price plan info.

If you change to a higher price plan, that means from the Green with no monthly fee to the Green Plus or the Green Premium, or from the Green Plus with lower monthly fee to the Green Premium, your new price plan becomes effective immediately. If you upgrade to a higher price plan due to the favourable per minute fees during a rental, your ongoing rental will be charged according to your new plan. If you upgrade from Green Plus to Green Premium, the unspent part of your already paid monthly fee will be included with the new monthly fee.

If you choose to downgrade, that means you change to a price plan with a lower monthly fee, the change takes effect on the billing day.

To explore the prices in depth check the detailed comparison at our Prices page.

This information is not exhaustive. Regarding the fees and discounts related to the price plans you may find detailed information in the General Terms and Conditions and its appendices (especially the Fees in Appendix 1, and the potential extra liabilities in Appendix 9), and in the Terms of Promotion.