GreenGo Cargo – A huge trunk good to go!

Nothing is impossible for the giants of our fleet


What is GreenGo Cargo?

Are you moving and have way too much stuff? Did you just bought a large dishwasher that you need to take home somehow? Do you have to transport big sports equipments from A to B? You can always count on the electric GreenGo Cargo that has a huge luggage compartment. The four magic terms are: practical, comfortable, flexible and cost efficient.

What is a GreenGo Cargo good for?

The Renault Kangoo Z.E., that fits 100 percent into the GreenGo electric fleet has a huge luggage compartment with a size of 186x122x125 cm and a volume of almost 3 m3, so you don’t have to worry about measuring, plenty of things will easily fit in.

With a fully charged car in case it is not overloaded you may go roughly 170 km, but with careful driving you may go up to 240 km! For more info check our charging howto.

Where to find and how to use?

You may take and leave the GreenGo Cargos in one of the four Extra Zones marked with orange in the app.
The zones are defined in the city center, easily accessible parts of our service area:

  • Extra Zone - Nyugati
  • Extra Zone - Corvin
  • Extra Zone - Széll Kálmán
  • Extra Zone - Móricz
Very important: the rental may only be finished in the very same Extra Zone where you’ve started it!

How much does it cost?

Minute based fee

The per minute fees of the GreenGo Cargo are the same as for other GreenGos, that means 52/76/99 Ft/minute depending on your price plan.

Daily fee

The daily fees are also attractive, given the size of the cars however these are slightly different:

  • Green package: 23 680 Ft / 24 hours
  • Green Plus: 20 680 Ft / 24 hours
  • Green Premium: 19 680 Ft / 24 hours

Note that the rental conditions of the GreenGo Cargo in certain cases differ from the GreenGo rental conditions!

In terms of GreenGo Cargo rentals bonus minutes can only be earned if it is stated explicitly in the conditions of the promotion or campaign in question. Therefore you may earn bonus minutes also during a GreenGo Cargo rental if you join our Drive for the Trees campaign and you may also claim the Inviter – Invitee discount. The bonus minutes already collected may be used during a GreenGo Cargo rental according to the general terms.

In most cases the discounts listed in the Special part of the Terms of Promotions are not applicable to GreenGo Cargo rentals. A given discount is only applicable to GreenGo Cargo rentals if that is explicitly stated in the terms of the promotion in question.

For more details check the GTC and the Terms of Promotions.