Start with registering!

You can start the registration on our website. You will need your driving license which has to be at least a year old, your personal details, your ID or passport and your credit/debit card.

After you have provided the necessary data, we will register your bank card via a transaction will be refunded immediately. Following this, if you have a Hungarian driving licence and uploaded its photos via the app, then we will validate it and you are ready to GreenGo in max 4 working days. If you don't have a Hungarian licence, you have one more thing to do: visit our office (VII. Rumbach Sebestyén u. 15.) personally to present your documents and sign the contract.

How to find?

Log in on our website or the GreenGo application!

The map will right away show you the cars that are free. Clicking on any available vehicle, you will see how much charge it has, and what is the approximate range with that charge.

Think ahead and plan your trip! If you don’t wish to use our service immediately, choose a GreenGo, and book it for 30 minutes free of charge! During this time only you will be able to rent that car.

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How to start?

To be able to use the cars, you need the GreenGo application.

All you have to do is walk to an available or a booked GreenGo, select it in the app and tap the padlock button on the car’s profile. Then enter your 5 digit PIN code (allow biometric identification to skip this step next time). After checking its exterior, the GreenGo will open automatically, if you share your location with the app. If not, enter the 4 digit code displayed on the screen behind the windshield to open your GreenGo.

Make yourself comfortable. You will find the key in the glove compartment. Make sure that the gearshift is in P mode and while pushing the brake pedal turn the key to start the engine. You will see a Ready sign flash up on the dashboard indicating you are ready to go. Since being an electric car don’t expect any engine sound.

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Need a car?

Download the free GreenGo mobile app for iOS or Android!

How to use?

The usage of automatic cars is very simple, and is easy to get used to, although a little tutorial won’t do any harm.

Pressing the brake pedal will allow you to shift from the P standing to D – to move forwards – or R – for reverse. It is recommended to press the brake pedal when standing, to avoid the car starting to roll. After selecting the D position, you will not need to shift again, unless you choose to drive in B (recuperation) mode. While using this mode you can drive the car without stepping on the brake pedal, as the recharger system will stop the vehicle.

Acceleration and braking consume the most energy, therefore if you wish to preserve the environment, accelerate gradually whenever you can, and try to use the B function to slow the car, rather than pressing the brake pedal.

park parking, car is fixed
reverse going backwards
neutral just freewheeling
drive forward freewheeling
'B' driving mode recuperation

How to close?

The rear parking sensors will assist you in parking the GreenGo. Once you complete the parking, shift the gear into P position (Parking) while pressing the brake pedal. If it is a legal parking spot within the GreenGo service area, you have two options:

Close your rental

If you no longer need the GreenGo, pull in the handbrake, turn off the lights, make sure that the windows are closed and put the key back into the glove compartment. If the green LED next to the key lights up, it is in the right position.

Get out, close all doors. Finally, select the car you were using in the application – the car that is currently in use by you is marked orange – and once clicking the ’lock’ icon you can choose to use bonus minutes and coupons - if you have - and close your rental.

You don't need to deal with charging, the GreenGo cars are charged regularly by our great team!


If you are just making stop-over, or know that you will need the car shortly after, we recommend you choose the ’Parking’ function.

In this scenario you don't end the rental, and the car will remain in your usage with a more favourable tariff. This tariff is also by the minute, just like when you are driving. If you want to 'Park' you have to do the same thing, as when you are ending the rental (Shift to P, handbrake pulled in, lights turned off, windows pulled up and doors closed).

The difference is, that this time you will be using the key to lock the car rather than the application. After doing so, the display in the windscreen will say ’Parking started’. If the parking process cannot start, because you missed a step, you will hear a beeping sound and an error message displayed in the windscreen will let you know why the parking process has not started, e.g. the handbrake is not pulled in.

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