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Why GreenGo?

As the greenest carsharing service in Hungary we are dedicated to transforming Budapest into a quieter and cleaner city. Our main goal is to offer a real and easily accessible alternative instead of using your own car.

Join the GreenGo community and discover the benefits of shared, environmentally friendly and innovative way of transport!

100% green

One of our 300 electric cars is always there for you, so you can get anywhere quickly.
While you choose a more sustainable way of transportation, you create a cleaner and quieter city as well.


Pay by the minute, so you only pay as much as you actually drive.
Plus, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance and operating costs or bother with parking tickets.

Always at hand

Enjoy your freedom knowing you can always rent a GreenGo easily and quickly with your phone when in need!

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30 bonus minutes

Get the green light and a little boost for you and for the city! The offer is valid for the contracts concluded and approved before 22.11.2020. 11:59 PM During this period the registration fee is not applied and registrants are also given 30 bonus minutes, which can be used within one month from crediting. You can find more details about this offer in our Terms of Promotions ("Zöldút kedvezmény")

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How much does it cost?

Our service is based on predictable pricing, so you can easily plan with us!

If you are a little unsure at first how often you would use GreenGo, we recommend starting with the Minimal package.

But of course if you know that you are going to use GreenGo for at least 66 minutes a month, choose our Basic package.

You can always change your price plan under My Contracts / Rentals menu of the app.


65 Ft/minute driving
30 minutes free booking
15 Ft/minute stop-over
5 Ft/minute discounted stop-over
9.860 Ft daily rental fee (maximum fee per rental)
4990 Ft 0 Ft registration fee


80 Ft/minute driving
30 minutes free booking
20 Ft/minute stop-over
8 Ft/minute discounted stop-over
11.900 Ft daily rental fee (maximum fee per rental)
4990 Ft 0 Ft registration fee
Further details about the offer and pricing can be found in our Terms of Promotions ("Zöldút kedvezmény") and our GTC