Why shared?

We believe in the power of community and that there is chance for humanity to continue flourish in a liveable future: Eco sharing. Simply, it is more reasonable to only have access certain to goods when you need them, than to possess those. GreenGo has brought e-carsharing, the newest form of public transportation to Budapest to make your everyday mobility easier. Unlike in public transportation there’s no need to accomodate to timetables and route plans with your GreenGo. And contrary to owning a car, here at GreenGo insurance, service, keeping tidy, refilling or parking fees are not your problem.

We at GreenGo relentlessly work on our continuously expanding fleet so you will always find a GreenGo nearby and experience the benefits of shared mobility.

Why electric?

The power of a community is worthless if we don’t pay attention to the world around us. If we want to reduce strains on each other, then why would we put strain on the environment, that provides us with our most basic neccessities? GreenGo provides uncompromised solution when it comes to environmentally friendly transportation. Our quest is to increase the popularity of electric vehicles, the spreading of cars with ’green’ licence plates, and to call for the increase in developing charging stations in Budapest, that is why you will only find electric cars in our fleet. We hope, that our cars mean more than just a transportation tool. Becuause we not only think of them because of their practical use, we also look at them as advocates for environmental consciousness and a greener future.

Why online?

It is comfortable, quick and practical, with GreenGo you are always in control. Following the online registration procedure you can immediately access all the GreenGos with the help of your GreenGo app available for iOS and Android!
We created GreenGo to be more flexible than a conventional car rental service. It is available 24/7,

no contract needed to be signed before every rental and there is no handover of keys either. Payment is automatically charged on your bank card and the invoices are sent out to you electronically. See how easy it is? Click on Register and start using GreenGo!