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What is e-carsharing?

Carsharing is the fast and flexible form of car rental, which provides the same privileges as having your own car, but at the same time avoiding the costs of ownership. GreenGo is a Hungary based innovative system which was inspired by foreign examples. With the use of a smartphone application (iOS or Android), you can rent the car on a minute-based tariff and can leave it anywhere within the service area.

Why electric cars?

Our mission is to increase the awareness and popularity of electric mobility, the number of cars with ’green’ numberplates, and to call for the increase in developing charging stations in the capital. We hope, that our cars mean more than just one of the means of transportation, because we think of them not just a practical tool, but also as advocates of a greener future.

How does GreenGo differ from traditional car renting?

GreenGo differs in almost every aspect:
  • Minute based fees
  • Rent the cars via a smartphone app
  • Everything can be managed online - even contracting
  • No designated stations to pick-up/drop-off the cars, but you can find them and drop them off anywhere within the service area.

How can I register?

You can become a registered user via our application. Also, you can start your registration procedure on our website, for which you’ll need your driving license (at least one year old) and your ID card. After you provided all the necessary data, upload pictures of each side of your Hungarian driving licence via the application and a selfie holding your driving licence with picture on it facing the camera. We will check and approve your registration asap, but maximum within 4 working days. You will get an email with good-to-know details when your account is activated. If you get stuck just drop us an email at and we help you through the registration.
If you don't have a Hungarian licence, you have to pay us a personal visit at our customer service office. At this one-time meeting we’ll check your data and documents, the contract can be signed and we can show you how to use our service.

Is it possible to register as a company?

Of course. If your company would spend less than 50.000 HUF a month the same price plans are available as for individuals - so the Alap and Minimal. If you spend more than the above, we suggest you should go for our corporate packages and havediscounts, monthly invoicing and wire transfer possibility. Check out all the prices here.
It is important to note that each user has to register and sign a personal contract as individuals before using the company account! Just like other users, during this they have to provide their personal bank card, not the corporate one. If you wish to receive more information about the conditions, please contact at!

Who can use it?

GreenGo - as our slogen states - is everyone’s, so mine, yours, ours! The only requirement is a valid, at least one year old driving license, an ID or passport and a bank card.

How do I pay?

The rental fee will be automatically deducted from your bank card after each day you had a rental and you will get your electronic invoice via email.

What is the service area and where can I check it?

Our service area is where you can pick-up and drop-off the cars and can be found both in the app and on the webpage – marked as a green area. Of course you can leave the service area during your drive, though you can only park the GreenGo outside the area, finishing your rental is only possible in the area.

Where and how do I find available cars?

All available GreenGos can be found on the main map screen of the application or on our webpage. Select any of the cars and you will see the licence plate number, the current address, the battery charge level and an estimated range which you can achieve with modest driving. Int he application you can either book it by tapping the stopwatch button on the left or start your rental by tapping the padlock button on the right.

How to use

Can I book a GreenGo? How can I extend my booking if I don’t get there in time?

Select the GreenGo on the app’s map and just tap the stopwatch button to book it for 30 minutes – the first 30 is for free. Half an hour isn’t enough for you? Extend your booking for a maximum of additional 5×30 minutes (+150 minutes) for the same amount as your parking fee. We only charge you for those minutes that you have actually used for extension. So if you set your booking for, say, 180 minutes, but you start your rental after 35 minutes, you only have to pay for 5 minutes.
Note: if your booking is cancelled or expires the free booking option will not be available for you for the next 4 hours. During this period you can still book any of the GreenGos, but you have to pay it.

Can’t find my GreenGo, what should I do?

The GPS location of the car can be inaccurate in narrow streets, so it might happen that your GreenGo is parked a couple of ten meters from the marked location. In case you still can’t find it, just call us at +36-1-885-2015 and we will make the GreenGo visible and audible for you.

I can’t turn the key. What should I do?

If you can’t turn the key at all, it means that the steering wheel is locked. You can open the wheel lock by simultaneously moving the steering wheel a little bit and turning the key.

Radar: what is it good for and how can I use it?

If there are no GreenGos nearby and it is boring to always check the app, the radar is the solution. In the app just tap the 3 circles button on the map to set the area (a circle of 600 m radius at most), a minimum required battery charge level and a timeframe you want and if a proper GreenGo appears there, we notify you with a push message.

It is my first ride and I need help!

You can find many useful information about first steps, parking, rental starting and closing processes here in the Help menu or on our website at the How to use? section. If you still have any difficulties do not hesitate to call our 24/7 technical helpdesk at +36-1-885-2015.

How can I start my rental?

In the app select a GreenGo on the map. To avoid that someone else beats you to the car, you should book it by tapping the stopwatch button on the left. The first 30 minutes of booking is free (more info on this: Can I book a GreenGo? How can I extend my booking if I don’t get there in time?). Once you are at the GreenGo
  • tap the padlock button and
  • enter your 5 digit PIN code (you can allow biometric identification – fingerprint or touch/face ID – for the future).
  • Check the exterior of the car for damages and report it with pictures and description of problem to us, so you don’t pay for what you haven’t done (more info about the importance of taking photos: Why should I take photos before and after my rental? How is it protecting me?) and
  • If you share your location with the app and you are near the GreenGo, it will open automatically. If not, then enter the 4 digit code displayed on the screen behind the windshield to open your GreenGo
  • Check the interior for any trash and damages and report it with pictures and text
  • you are good to GreenGo!
Find further information in the Help/Start rental menu of the app.

Why should I take photos before and after my rental? How is it protecting me?

By proving the condition of the GreenGo at the beginning and at the end of your rental is very important for your benefit. If you skip these steps you risk to be charged for damages or cleanings you aren’t responsible for.
At the start of your rental upload pictures and description about the damages found on your GreenGo to show none of them occurred during your rental. If you decide not to take any photos you indicate that the car was in perfect condition.
Found some dirt, garbage, fur etc. in the car? Take a picture of it and we ask the previous driver about it.
When finishing your rental take at least two pictures from the opposite corners of the GreenGo. This is also extremely important as it shows that the GreenGo was intact when you left it. Doing so would make it a cakewalk to tell whether an expensive damage occurred during or after your rental.
Obviously, the rating of the exterior of the car is not part of your rental, therefore you won’t be charged for these minutes.

I turned the key but the car won’t start, what should I do?

Make sure that the gearshift is in P mode and while pushing the brake pedal and turn the key to start the engine. You will see a Ready sign flash up on the dashboard indicating you are ready to go. Since being an electric car don’t expect any engine sound. Won’t start anyway? Call our technical helpdesk at +36-1-885-2015 and we help you through.

What to do if I have to stop for a while (e.g. grocery shopping) and I would like to continue using my GreenGo afterwards?

You can park the GreenGos, so your rental won’t stop and we charge you a more favourable fee. To start parking you need to
  • apply the hand brake
  • put the gearshift in parking (P) mode
  • turn off the headlights
  • close the GreenGo by pressing the central lock button on the keyfob
You can check on the screen behind the windshield if parking is successfully started or any of the above isn’t fulfilled. We also send you a push notification if your parking is started.

Where and how can I finish my rental?

You can go anywhere within Pest county with your GreenGo, all our cars have valid Pest county highway vignettes. When finishing your rental in the service area:
  • park the GreenGo in a publicly available legal parking spot or at our airport transfer zone where it is legal to park on the next 7 days
  • be sure that you leave the GreenGo with 10 km range (i.e. 9% charge) at least according to the app.
Don’t forget that you have to pay all through your rental until you close it. The battery level of the GreenGo you are renting is always your responsibility. You’d better find another car if the battery is getting low or it turns out that your trip is going to be longer than the range of your GreenGo – our daily maximum fee is not just for one rental, but as many rentals with as many GreenGos you wish.

How can I get to the airport with GreenGo?

Find our parking lot with the airplane marker next to the airport, tap on it and then the navigation button so you can easily get there. At the parking lot follow the GreenGo signs all the way to the designated GreenGo parking spaces (aka our airport charging station). Please reverse into the parking space so the car can be easily connected to the charger. If you’d like to help us, please connect your GreenGo to one of the chargers before finishing your rental. If it is a GreenGo with less than 30% charge, you will get 10 bonus minutes for your contribution.
There is no need to walk, our shuttle buses give you a lift to the terminal. Show the rental in the application that you’ve just finished (Contracts/Rentals menu, Rentals button) at the reception of the parking lot – this is your ticket to the transfer, you don’t have to pay anything on the spot. It’s usually a 5 minute trip to the terminal, 15-20 at most depending on the traffic situation. Keep this in mind when planning your trip.
Find further information and our special airport price here.

How can I get to the city with GreenGo from the airport?

Tap the marker of the airport or go to the app's Contact menu to find the phone number of the GreenGo airport transfer. Call this number 10 minutes prior to your arrive at the terminal exit – in other words, when you leave the baggage claim area, according to our experience. During high times it could even take 15-20 minutes for us to get there. Book one of the GreenGos waiting for you at the airport parking lot and show your ongoing booking to the shuttle bus driver – this is your ticket to the transfer, you don’t have to pay anything on the spot.
Find further information and our special airport price here.

How do GreenGo charging stations work?

Tap a GreenGo charging station on the map to see the number of available charging points and free cars. You can ask for navigation to the charger if needed, by tapping the arrow or the icon of the charger on the left.
Want to charge a GreenGo? Don’t worry if you have never charged electric cars before, just follow the step-by-step instructions in the popup window. First, tap on the details button of the charging station to see the available chargers, then press Start. Unplug the cable from the station, open the charging socket of the GreenGo – you might to press the central lock open for this. Plug in the charging cable and that’s it! Park or finish your rental – as you wish.
You can charge whichever GreenGo you want regardless the battery level, but you get 10 bonus minutes if you finish your rental of a GreenGo with less than 30% charge.
Need a car being charged at a station? The number of the available cars on the charging station are shown on the marker of the station. Tap the details of the station to rent one of the available GreenGos. Click on rental start and when the GreenGo is unlocked, you can unplug the charging cable and plug it back on the station. After this comes the interior rating of the GreenGo.
You will find all info about how to stop the charing on help screen during your rental start.

What to do if I get stuck with a GreenGo?

If you encounter a difficulty with starting or ending a rental, reach out to our technical helpdesk at +36-1-885-2015 so we can help.

Can’t close my rental, what should I do?

The screen behind the windshield will indicate the reason why you aren’t able to close your rental, but these are the stpes you should pay attention to:
  • the GreenGo is in the service area
  • apply the hand brake
  • put the gearshift in parking (P) mode
  • turn off the headlights
  • the ignition key is in its place in the glovebox, with the green LED on
  • all the windows are up
If these conditions are fulfilled, and you are still unable to close your rental, call our technical helpdesk at +36-1-885-2015 and we help you through.

What to do in case of an accident?

Hopefully it never happens to you, but if it does:
  • call the police. If any casualties occurred, call the ambulance as well
  • call our technical helpdesk at +36-1-885-2015 so we can send someone to assist you on the spot
  • upload photos of all the damages in the app's Report accident menu
  • don’t move the car, otherwise it could make it difficult to determine who was responsible for the accident
If you take the responsibility for the accident, all you have to do is call us and we’ll take over the car.

Do I have to drive if I rent a GreenGo?

Yes, you do. It is you who registered for our service and who has contractual agreement with GreenGo. You mustn’t let anyone else drive the car during your rental. If you fail to obey this rule, you will be charged for it according to our GTC.

Can I transport animals?

No. We kindly ask you not to transport your pet in GreenGos, as we use the cars together and it may bother others (e.g. allergic reactions). In case we have to suspend a car for an extra cleaning, the previous user will be charged for it. If you experience any sign of a pet in a GreenGo (fur, pawprints), please report it via the application at the beginning of your rental.

Can I eat, drink or smoke in the car?

No. We kindly ask you not to eat, drink or smoke in GreenGos, as we use the cars together and it may bother others. In case we have to suspend a car for an extra cleaning, the previous user will be charged for it. If you experience any sign of the above in a GreenGo, please report it via the application at the beginning of your rental.

What is the maximum of rental time?

The maximum rental time is 72 hours in which the driving and parking minutes are included, but the minutes for booking and booking extension are not.
If you rent a GreenGo for a longer period, the daily fee will be capped at 19.500 HUF which includes all the driving and parking minutes and the booking extension as well. (For further info: What is the maximum daily fee?)

Where can I ride my GreenGo? Can I leave Budapest?

You can go anywhere within Pest county with your GreenGo, all our cars have valid Pest county highway vignettes. Check the battery level when planning a longer drive. Keep in mind that you have to get back to the service area in order to close your rental and be sure that you leave the GreenGo with 10 km range (i.e. 9% charge) at least according to the app.

What is the maximum daily fee?

If you only use one GreenGo the daily fee charged for driving, parking and booking extension is capped at 9.860 HUF for Basic price plan and 11.900 HUF in the Minimal price plan. If you rent more than one GreenGo a day all these rentals are capped at 19.500 HUF, no matter how many GreenGos you’ve used and how much time you’ve driven. Please note that a day means a calendar day, so from 0:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

How far a fully charged GreenGo can go?

Select a GreenGo on the map and tap on it: you will see its battery level and an estimated range which you can achieve with modest driving. The maximum range of a fully charged GreenGo is around 150 km, though it highly depends on your and the previous users’ driving style, whether or not you turn on the heating or the air condition and whether you drive on a hilly or a flat road. You can save energy by using ECO or ECO+ mode and selecting B gear.
Anyhow, when closing your rental be sure that you leave the GreenGo with 10 km range (i.e. 9% charge) at least according to the app. The battery level of the GreenGo you are renting is always your responsibility. You’d better find another car if the battery is getting low or it turns out that your trip is going to be longer than the range of your GreenGo.

Am I allowed to use the bus lane with GreenGo?

No, you are not. We have to leave the bus lanes for other means of public transportation and the taxis.

How can I pick up or leave a car at Margaret Island?

Parking is free for our electric cars in the parking lot of Margaret Island. Just leave the ticket in the glovebox or in other compartment of the car so the next user would exit the parking lot without any trouble. If you start your rental in the parking lot and you can’t find the ticket, ask for help from the parking lot attendants. Present them your driving licence and the traffic licence of the car that you can find in the glovebox. Call us at +36-1-885-2015 if something would go wrong and you couldn’t get out.

Can I close my rental at Dísz square, Castle District?

As the parking lot of Dísz square is part of our service zone you can finish your rental there. Note that parking requires further payment of parking fees, if you go through the barriers to the inner part of the Castle. Thus you can only park, but you cannot close your rental there.

Do I need to charge the cars?

Our team is responsible for charging GreenGos, thus you don’t have to charge them. Although, if you’d like to charge a GreenGo, we will be thankful for it and doing so you can earn some bonus minutes as well (more info about charging our cars: How do GreenGo charging stations work?).
Please pay attention to close your rental with 10 km range (i.e. 9% charge) at least according to the app. Since the battery level of the GreenGo you are renting is always your responsibility, you’d better find another car if the battery is getting low or it turns out that your trip is going to be longer than the range of your GreenGo.


What are the bonus minutes?

You can get bonus minutes by inviting others to register for GreenGo or during special promotions. If you have bonus minutes you can use them to reduce your driving and parking minutes. At the end of your rental, in the Close rental window use the slider to set how many you want to use, or just tap maximum to use as many as possible.
Don’t want to miss our next promotion? Just set it at Profile/Sign up for special offers, newsletter menu and wait for our next offer.

How can I earn bonus minutes?

The easiest way to get bonus minutes is either to invite a friend to GreenGo through the app under the Recommend GreenGo menu or to charge our cars at one of the GreenGo charging stations. With a recommendation you earn 15 bonus minutes and your invitee gets 30 bonus minutes while charging a GreenGo is worth 10 bonus minutes. (Detailed information about charging our cars: How do GreenGo charging stations work?) Note that these bonus minutes expire at the end of the third calendar month after getting them
Check your available bonus minutes in the app on the top of the menu.

What are those tiny blue zones near the service area?

These are GreenGo's discounted parking areas where you can park your GreenGo significantly cheaper than any other places. 5 Ft/min for the Basic package and 8 Ft/min for the Minimal package. Please make sure that you choose a well-charged GreenGo since some of these zones are a bit further away from the service area boundary and you cannot close your rent there.
Please also pay attention to parking rules within the zones.

Currently, these are GreenGo's discounted parking areas:

  • Alcsútdoboz – Botanical Garden
  • Biatorbágy – Premier Outlet
  • Budakalász – Lake Lupa
  • Budakalász – Lake Omszki, Auchan
  • Budakeszi – Wildlife park
  • Budaörs – Farmer's market
  • Budaörs – IKEA, Mömax, Auchan, Decathlon
  • Budaörs – Metro
  • Budaörs – Obi
  • Budaörs – Tesco, Kika, Intersport, Praktiker
  • Budapest – Aquaworld (Káposztásmegyer)
  • Budapest – Csepel Island – market, Rákóczi Garden
  • Budapest – Csepel Island – Beach & Bath
  • Budapest – Csillaghegy – Beach & Bath
  • Budapest – Hármashatár mountain - Gückler Lookout and forest running tracks
  • Budapest – Hűvösvölgy
  • Budapest – IKEA Soroksár
  • Budapest – Kamaraerdő
  • Budapest – Külkerpark
  • Budapest – Lake Naplás
  • Budapest – Népsziget (Mosquito-Island)
  • Budapest – Normafa
  • Budapest – Obi Soroksári
  • Budapest – Paskál Bath & Pools
  • Budapest – Savoya Park
  • Budapest – Tropicarium
  • Budapest – Zugliget Chairlift
  • Dunakeszi – Auchan, Bauhaus
  • Dunakeszi – Beach
  • Gödöllő – Royal Castle
  • Martonvásár – Brunszvik Castle
  • Mogyoród – Aquapark
  • Solymár – Castle
  • Szentendre – Promenade by the Danube
  • Szentendre – Skanzen, The Open Air Museum

How can I check my balance and purchase top-ups?

Go to the app's Balance/Top-up menu to see your actual balance with its expiration date. Here you can buy new top-ups as well. The bigger the top-up, the more the discount you get and the longer your balance available.
Your balance is used for deducting the cost of your rentals i.e. driving, parking and extended booking fee. If you have a balance you don’t have to do anything, it being used up automatically. Don’t forget to use up all your balance before its expiration date, because the unused part cannot be prolonged or cashed back.

Do I have to top-up to use GreenGo?

No, you don’t. If you’re sure that you would use GreenGo a lot in the near future, it would worth topping-up, because we are crediting some extra depending on the amount you top up. You are an occasional user and do not wish to take this opportunity? No worries, use our service without having a balance, and we will charge you according to your price plan.

What should I do if the car’s condition prevents me from driving it (e.g. very dirty, damaged)?

In this situation we kindly ask you to report this via the application when you start the rental. If you do not wish to drive the car in that condition, let our technical helpdesk team know about the issue, call us at +36-1-885-2015 and we reimburse the rental.

What is the PIN pad under the hand brake good for?

Actually, it is good for nothing. You might remember what it was good for, but now it’s useless. We will remove them from the GreenGos soon.

What kind of insurance do the GreenGos have?

All the GreenGos have both compulsory third party liability insurance, and comprehensive insurance. If you are responsible for an accident, the deductible will be billed to you plus the administration fees. In case of glass damage the deductible is 20% of the full cost of the damage, otherwise the deductible is as follows:
  • the full cost of the damage up to 100.000 HUF of damage
  • 100.000 HUF up to 1.000.000 HUF of damage
  • 10% of the full cost of the damage over 1.000.000 HUF of damage

How can I find out the costs of my rental? When do I get my invoice?

We send you an email right after closing your rental. You can find in this summary all the important data of you drive: your starting and ending address, your driving and parking minutes, the time you spend on booking extension and all your redeemed bonus minutes.
IMPORTANT: You will find neither the discounts, nor the maximum daily fee, nor the corrections in this letter. Thus you’ll find the exact cost of your rental in your invoice sent to you via email the day after your rental.

I haven’t even driven any GreenGo, why did you charged my bank card?

There is a one-time fee for signing up for GreenGo. The 4.900 HUF registration fee is charged the day after your contract is activated. The good news is all this amount is credited as a top-up and can be used up for 3 months. This balance can be freely used right after your account is activated, however, it will only appears in the app's Balance menu after your bank card was successfully charged.

How can I change my personal data?

To modify your personal profile click on My details on the webpage or tap Profile menu in the app. If you modify your personal data or driving license, your account will be suspended until we verify the new data, so please let us know about the modification immediately.

How can I change my price plan?

You can change your price plan any time under the Contracts/Rentals menu. If you change from Basic to Minimal your new price plan starts on the next billing date while it starts on the next day if you change from Minimal to Basic. Which price plan is to choose? It is worth to have Basic price plan, if you are a regular GreenGo user and drive more than 66 minutes per a month. Find further information about our price plans here.
To the representatives of our business partners: contact us at to change your price plan.

I forgot my PIN code, what should I do?

In case you can’t recall your PIN code set a new one in the app’s Profile/PIN code menu. If you allow biometric identification, you don’t even need to remember your PIN code. Just don’t forget to bring your fingerprint (touch ID) or your face (face ID) when you are greengoing.
Note: You can only change your PIN if you don’t have a rental running.

I forgot my login name and/or my password, what should I do?

Find your login name in the validation email we sent you during your registration (subject: validate your email address). If you can’t find it, contact us at and we help you.
To set a new password tap Forgot password in the app or select Forgot your password? on the webpage at the login section enter your login name and email address and follow all the further instructions.

How can I change my email address?

If you don’t use the email address anymore you provided earlier, please go to My details on the webpage or Profile menu in the app and set a new one. Don’t forget to validate your new email address by typing the 6 digit code sent to your new address.

Where can I follow my expenses?

You can check your invoices both in the app (Contracts/Rentals menu) and on our website (My invoices menu). We also send the invoice via email usually the day after your rents. Note that you won’t necessarily find the exact cost of your drive in the email sent right after closing a rental because it doesn’t contain none of the discounts, maximum daily fee or corrections that could be applied on your rental.

I’ve got a bone to pick with GreenGo. What can I do?

In case of an ongoing rental please reach out to our 24/7 technical helpdesk at +36-1-885-2015 and we help you. In any other case please write us at and we get back to you asap.

How can I terminate my contract?

We are sorry to hear that you don’t want to greengoing anymore! Please share us why you decided this way so we could learn from it.
In case there is no way back let us know it via email ( or in person at our customer care office.