Seat belt for kids

The safety of smaller passengers is especially important for us.

We would really like our GreenGos to be able to replace the family car therefore we offer a safety solution that is able to replace regular child seats. The Smart Kid Belt is an accessory device that easily attaches to the seat belt. It can be flexibly adjusted to the size of the kids and is almost invisible when adult passengers use the seat belts. Each car comes with two kid belts so that brothers and friends can greengo together.

During the installation period, until the Smart Kid Belt becomes available in all cars, GreenGos with the child belt will be marked in the app!

Small but tough

The Smart Kid Belt is a reliable alternative to child seats, an accessory to the seat belt that ensures the correct position of the belt both on the hip line and on the shoulders. Please note however that the Smart Kid Belt can only be used to safe transport children between the ages of 5 and 12 weighing between 15 and 36 kgs.

The belt meets the requirements of the traffic regulations in all aspects but make sure it is fastened properly every time you use it. Missing any steps or wrong adjustment can not only be inconvenient but also dangerous!

How it works

The Smart Kid Belt is very easy to use, but be sure to read the user guide before you start! To keep it close at hand, you’ll also find a step by step guide in the car and in the app.


  1. Straighten the Smart Kid Belt and fasten the lower buckle (A) to the seat belt, between the child's hip and the end point of the seat belt as close to the end point as possible. If it is already attached, check that the fastening is made at the correct point!

  2. Pull the seat belt's metal buckle through the green rubber strap (B).

  3. Fasten the car seat belt. Make sure that the seat belt is positioned smoothly without twisting.

  4. Using the adjusting buckles, set the length of the Smart Kid Belt to the size of the child. Holding the child belt tight the upper buckle (C) should be 5 cm above the child's shoulder.

  5. In this position secure the Smart Kid Belt with the upper buckle (C) to the seat belt. Always make sure that the kid is not slipping off the seat. His back should always rest straight on the back of the seat. 


Upon closing your rental you can release the belt to its original position by following the steps below. Don’t skimp on these few moves otherwise it's impossible to use the seat belt as normal.

  1. Unfasten the seat belt and open the Smart Kid Belt’s upper buckle (C), so that the seat belt strap is no longer attached to the Smart Kid Belt.

  2. Now pull the seatbelt’s metal buckle through the green rubber strap (B) then lower the Smart Kid Belt onto the seat. That’s it.

TIP: If the upper buckle (C) is difficult to open, know that it’s intentional so the kids can’t open it while travelling. You can easily snap it out with the metal buckle of the seat belt, with a 200 Ft coin or with your keys.

For grown ups

Adult passengers can use the seat belt normally. Before using the seat belt, make sure the Smart Kid Belt is attached to it in good position for a comfortable and safe ride: 

  1. The Smart Kid Belt's lower buckle (A) is attached as close as possible to the end point of the seat belt.

  2. The Smart Kid Belt's upper buckle (C) is not attached to the seat belt.

  3. The green rubber strap (B) connects the seat belt to the Smart Kid Belt under the metal buckle of the seat belt.

If one of the steps is not performed, please take a look at the Unfasten instructions to set the belt to the right position.


  1. Do not use the Smart Kid Belt until you have read the instructions carefully.

  2. Improper use of the device increases the risk of serious injury or death in the event of a sudden turn, stop or collision. Always pay attention to the proper use of the belt!

  3. Use the vehicle's three-point seat belt only to secure children with the Smart Kid Belt.

  4. No safety system guarantees protection against injury, but proper use of the device can greatly reduce the risk of injury or death. It's always a good idea to re-read the instruction manual before each usage for proper attachment.

  5. Never use the Smart Kid Belt if the device is damaged or lacking, as this will prevent it from working and could result in an accident while traveling. If you find any of the above, please report it to our customer service!

  6. The safety system complies with the ECE standard and has the necessary certificates for use in vehicles. More info on