Personal and small office
For companies
Individuals and smaller companies
65 Ft/minute
80 Ft/minute
15 Ft/minute
20 Ft/minute
monthly fee
990 Ft/month

Completely online registration

There is no need to pay a visit to our customer care office, just grab your phone and get the whole registration process done online in a blink of an eye. Provide all the required data, register a bank card and upload photos of your documents. If everything is ok, your account will be activated autmatically - at any given hour on any given day.

GreenGo registration where you want it

If you don't want to come in to our office to register, we can visit you in Budapest. This off-site registration has a call-out fee and a per registered user cost. Call-out fee within in our service area is 2.000 Ft/occasion, inside Budapest it is 4.000 Ft/occasion and in both cases the cost of every registered user is 1.000 Ft.
If you wish to book an appointment, please write to us at

One-time fees

We need a bank card registered which process costs you nothing: we initiate a technical 100 Ft transaction which will be refunded immediately.

You can register with documents from 130 countries, just use the app to upload their pictures and a selfie, so that we know that you are registering. After a quick approval - usually takes couple of minutes - you are ready to greengo!

After registering, we will charge your registered bank card with a registration fee of 4,900 HUF which can be fully used up for driving. This GreenGo package of yours is valid for 1 month. Further details in the Terms of Promotions!

1 day + 1 GreenGo

If you want to rent a GreenGo for a longer period of time, you can do so at very discounted fixed prices: 9 860 Ft for those in the Basic package and 11 900 Ft for those in the Minimal package.
The offer is for renting the same car from midnight to midnight on a given day. You do not need to do anything for using it, the fee calculation will stop automatically at the fix price of your package.

The maximum rental period is 72 hours, in this case the daily fee will be charged as many times as the number of calendar days you rented.
If you are planning a longer trip, be prepared to charge your car on the road - moreover, if you close your 1 day - 1 GreenGo rental with a battery at least 80% charged, you will also receive 45 bonus minutes! You can find useful informations for charging in the Charging Guide!
Further details in the GTC  and the Promotion Policy.

Discounted parking zones

There are more than 40 small islands marked in blue mostly outside our service area. These are discounted parking zones where GreenGos can be parked significantly cheaper than any other places: 5 Ft/min for the Basic package and 8 Ft/min for the Minimal package.

You can go shopping, relax or cool off in the water, but keep in mind that you can only end your rental within the service area. You can find these discounted parking zones in the app and more details about the discount in our Promotion Policy.

Bonus minutes

Invite a friend through the app under the Recommend GreenGo menu and you both benefit from it: with a recommendation you earn 15 bonus minutes and your invitee gets 30 bonus minutes!
If you charge our cars at one of the GreenGo charging stations you can get 10 bonus minutes if the battery is 30% or below.
Moreover, if you close your 1 day - 1 GreenGo rental with a battery at least 80% charged, you will also receive 45 bonus minutes!

In addition you also have the opportunity to collect bonus minutes through various promotions. (Do not want to miss any promotions? Sign up for our newsletter in the app under Profile menu) . You can always redeem bonus minutes at the end of your rental. Details in the Promotion Policy.

GreenGo Package

Are you planning to greengo a lot? Purchase one of our GreenGo packages!


For 5,000 HUF we provide a GreenGo package of 5,250 which you can use for 14 days for driving, parking and booking extension.

For 10,000 HUF we provide a GreenGo package of 10,500 which you can use for 30 days for driving, parking and booking extension.

For 15,000 HUF we provide a GreenGo package of 16,000 which you can use for 30 days for driving, parking and booking extension.

For 20,000 HUF we provide a GreenGo package of 22,000 which you can use for 30 days for driving, parking and booking extension.

Price plans for companies

Move around the city a lot for business?

Wish to spend less on mobility services?

You care about the environment, the city we live in?

The solution is our flexible company subscription. With minimal commitment the advantages of e-carsharing can be tried and also save cost. Set your planned spending on the slider below to see how the prices change. And the subscription fee can be changed every month!
If interested, write to us at:

Company price plan


Other fees

Replacement fee - ignition key100 000 Ft
Administration fee - towing2 000 Ft
Replacement fee - car documents2 000 Ft
Call-out fee - in Budapest within the service zone3 000 Ft
Special cleaning5 000 Ft
Towing due to customer faultaccording to invoice
Service, repair due to customeraccording to invoice
Inperson assistance in registration2 900 Ft
Hindrance of administration of accident20 000 Ft
Administration fee - fines3 000 Ft
Violation of driving codeaccording to invoice
Payment reminder and debit declines750 Ft
Administration fee - accidents and damaged cars5 000 Ft
Handing over to unauthorized person50 000 Ft
Call-out fee - outside Budapest or the service zone 6 000 Ft
Repair of damages caused by customeraccording to invoice
Omission of taking of rental-end photos30 000 Ft
The prices are including taxes
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