Frequently Asked Questions


What is e-carsharing?

Carsharing is the fast and flexible form of car rental, which provides the same privileges as having your own car, but at the same time avoiding the costs of ownership. GreenGo is a Hungary based innovative system which was inspired by foreign examples. With the use of a smartphone application (iOS or Android), you can rent the car on a minute-based tariff and can leave it anywhere within the service area.

Why does GreenGo use electric cars?

Our mission is to increase the awareness about electro-mobility as such, its availability, as well as supporting larger numbers of electric cars in the city streets. Larger cities usually suffer from both air pollution and the excess of private cars, including those long-term parked. We believe that our GreenGo fleet is not just another option of urban mobility but that it brings something more. We wish a greener future and sustainable lifestyle as a default for all, and this includes personal transport.

How does GreenGo differ from traditional car renting?

GreenGo differs in almost every aspect:

  • Minute based fees
  • Rent the cars via a smartphone app
  • Everything can be managed online - even contracting
  • No designated stations to pick-up/drop-off the cars, but you can find them and drop them off anywhere within the service area.

How can I register?

The best way to register is using our GreenGo smartphone application. You can also begin your registration at our website, but subsequently we will transfer you to our app to complete the registration there. Have an identity document, driver’s license and payment card handy for the registration. To verify your identity, we will also need to take a selfie. Completing the verification process should take no more than an hour afterwards. Upon approval, we will immediately send you an e-mail with useful information which we strongly recommend reading. Then you can go ahead and take a GreenGo to the streets.

Who can use it?

GreenGo - as our slogen states - is everyone’s, so mine, yours, ours! The only requirement is a valid, at least one year old driving license, an ID or passport and a bank card.

How do I pay?

The rental fee will be automatically deducted from your bank card after each day you had a rental and you will get your electronic invoice via email.

Where can I go with GreenGo and where can I keep track of it?

You can use a GreenGo within the entire Prague and also outside the city, but you can only begin and finish the rental in the service zone shown in the application shown in green directly in the application. We know that it is not the largest now but we think that availability is more important than having it the largest. :-) We will gradually increase the service zone as we are increasing the fleet. It is possible to drive outside the service zone and park there (during stop-over a parking fee applies).

How do I find out where available GreenGos are located?

All available GreenGos are visible on the map in the app. When you tap a selected car, it will show you its license plate number, address, its charge level with approximate driving distance – this strongly depends on you driving style! You can immediately reserve the selected vehicle in the application by tapping a clock icon. Using the padlock icon, you can begin and close the actual rental.

How to use

How do I book a GreenGo? And how do I extend the reservation?

Select a GreenGo vehicle you want to book on the map and tap the clock icon. This reserves the car for you for 30 minutes free of charge. You can extend the reservation up to five times, each time for another 30 minutes – so maximal booking is 6x30 minutes. Only the minutes until you begin the rental or cancel the reservation are charged so if you reserve the car at the beginning for full 180 minutes and then rent it after 40 minutes you will be only charged for 10 minutes beyond the first 30 minutes free. The reservation extension is at the same price as the parking charge.
Note: In case your reservation elapses or you cancel it, for the next four hours, all further reservations are paid, including the first 30 minutes.

I can’t find the reserved vehicle, what should I do?

GPS localization may be imprecise in narrow streets and between high buildings. It’s possible that the GreenGo vehicle is parked even several tens of meters from the assigned spot. Our customer service at phone no. (+420) 221 586 845 is able to turn on the blinkers remotely for you so you can find it easily.

How does the radar function work?

When no available GreenGo is near, the radar will let you know once it appears. In the application on the map, tap the icon with three circles and select the area, required battery-charge level and the time limit for setting the radar.

I’m driving GreenGo for the first time, where do I find advice?

Useful information regarding your first steps, such as parking, beginning and closing the rental and more is available in the application menu under the ‘Help‘ button as well as in the FAQs on our website, in the ‘How to use‘ section. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service (+420) 221 586 845, if you can’t find what you need in the FAQs.

How do I begin the rental?

Select a GreenGo you want to rent on the map in the application. Before you get to the car you can reserve it so that no one ‘grabs it’ from you using the clock icon. The first thirty minutes of a reservation are free of charge (see more about ‘How do I book a GreenGo?’). Once you are at the car:

- You have to enable location sharing for our app
- Tap on the padlock icon on the right.
- Enter your 4-digit PIN (for future use, you can enable a biometric identification using a fingerprint or another method).
- Check the exterior of the vehicle to make sure everything is alright. In case of damage or other problems, take photos and send us a short comment – all within the app. This will prevent possible complications regarding who caused damage etc. (see more in the section ‘Why do I need to photograph the GreenGo vehicle before and after rental? What is it for?’).
- Check the interior. And again, let us know if anything is not OK.
- Treat the GreenGo nicely. :-)

Additional information is also available in the application menu under Help/Start rental.

Why do I need to photograph the GreenGo before and after rental? What is it for?

The confirmation/evidence of the condition of the GreenGo before and at the end of your rental is very important and certainly to your benefit. If you skip these steps, you risk that possible damage costs will be charged to you.
Before beginning your rental, upload photographs and description of the possible damage, mess, etc. directly into the app to make it clear that these did not occur during your rental. We will subsequently contact the previous user. If you skip this step, you confirm that everything is alright.
Upon finishing your rental, take at least four photos from all the opposite corners of the vehicle with the visible plate number. This is also extremely important. Of course, the time you spend doing this is not going to be a part of your overall rental charge.

The Start button doesn’t work, what should I do?

Make sure the gear shift is in the “P” position and that during the start, you are pushing the brake pedal. As soon as the display indicates “Ready”, you can go ahead and shift to the “D” gear position. Because GreenGo is electric, don’t expect to hear a motor sound. If you are still experiencing problems with starting, contact our customer service.

I want to stop for a while, for example in a shop, how does the parking mode work?

You can park as you need anywhere inside or outside of our service zone for a parking fee. To begin the parking mode:

- Shift the gear to the “P” position.
- Pull the hand brake.
- Close all windows.
- Turn off the motor by pushing the Start button.
- Exit the vehicle and check that all doors are closed.
- Lock the vehicle by tapping the parking icon “P” in the application.

As a confirmation, you will receive a beginning-of-parking notification. As GreenGo is electric you can also park in blue and purple zones in central Prague. When you are done with your errands and want to continue driving, simply tap the icon with a crossed “P” in the application, give you PIN/biometrics and you are good to go again.

Why is it not allowed to park a GreenGo in a garage?

Besides electricity, GreenGo also needs internet connection to serve its users. And while the app will work on WiFi, for GreenGo mobile data are necessary which are easily interrupted in underground places like garages. If you lock the GreenGo in the garage and the signal gets lost, the GreenGo won’t communicate with our app and we will need to send our driver to take it back to surface which would also mean extra costs for you. Therefore, we ask you not to close the rental nor park at such places. Thank you!

How do I close the rental?

You can drive a GreenGo anywhere, but the rental must be closed within the service zone. You can finish the rental even in blue and purple zones reserved for residents. To finish your rental:

- Park the car and shift the gear to the “P” position.
- Park the car and shift the gear to the “P” position.
- Pull the hand brake and close all windows.
- Turn the motor off using the Start button.
- Exit the vehicle and check that all doors are closed.
- Lock the vehicle by tapping on the padlock icon.
- Select the amount of bonus minutes you want to use or provide your coupon codes.
Close the rental by tapping the “Close Rental”.

Ensure that the rented GreenGo vehicle has at least 9% of battery charge left upon finishing the rental – you can see the exact level in the app. If the battery-charge level drops, find a different GreenGo vehicle.

What to do when I get stuck with a GreenGo with no battery charge?

Immediately contact our customer service at phone no. (+420) 221 586 845 they will connect you with our assistance service.

What to do when I’m unable to close the rental?

If you are experiencing problems closing the rental, you can contact out customer service. When finishing your rental, please pay attention to the following:

- Whether you are within the service area.
- Whether you shifted the gear to the “P” position.
- Whether you pulled the hand brake.
- Whether you the lights are turned off.
- Whether you properly closed all windows and doors.

What to do in case of an accident?

Let’s hope this situation won’t happen at all. But if it does, then:

- Call the police, and in case of an injury also emergency medical care.
- Call our customer center at phone no. (+420) 221 586 845 that will immediately connect you to an assistance service who will instantly head to the accident location.
- Using the section “Report accident” in the application, take a photograph of the accident and add a description.
- Keep calm and, especially, don’t drive the car anywhere – among other reasons in order to identify the person who caused the accident.

We will then come over to sort everything out.

Who can drive the rented GreenGo?

Only you. In other words, the rented GreenGo vehicle may only be driven by the user who rented it and with whom we have concluded the rental contract. In case of breaching this rule, you are risking a contractual fee according to General Terms and Conditions.

What about transporting pets?

GreenGo considers the wellbeing of all our customers and some of them may be allergic to the hair of pets. For this reason, it is forbidden to transport pets in GreenGo cars. In case you breach this ban, you risk a fine in the amount of fees for special cleaning. In case you personally find some mess, please inform us using the application.

What about eating, drinking or smoking in a GreenGo car?

GreenGo considers the wellbeing of all our customers and some of them may not appreciate crumbs, spills or the odor of cigarette smoke. For this reason, it is forbidden to eat, drink or smoke in GreenGo vehicles, including electronic cigarettes. In case you breach this ban, you risk a fine in the amount of fees for special cleaning. In case you personally find some mess, please inform us using the application.

What’s the maximum possible length of the rental?

A maximum rental period is 72 hours, including both driving and parking time. This period does not include the reservation or the possible extension of the reservation.

What’s the Daily fee for one rental?

Daily fee for one rental is calculated for 24 hours and the price is 900 CZK as for BASIC tarif and 750 CZK as for SUPERDRIVE tarif. So you can keep your GreenGo overnight and still pay just one Daily fee. For example you can start your rental on Friday at 16:00 and return it on Saturday at 15:59 and still pay only one Daily fee. 

Can I take a GreenGo outside of Prague?

Yes you can, just check the level of battery charge to see whether it’s sufficient for getting to your destination and back to service zone. You can of course park outside of the service zone.
In any case, please ensure that the rented GreenGo has at least 9% battery charge when closing the rental - you can check this in the app.

What are those tiny blue zones near the service area?

These are GreenGo’s discounted parking areas where you can park your GreenGo significantly cheaper than any other places. It is 0,9 CZK/min for the BASIC price plan and 0,5 CZK/min for the SUPERDRIVE price plan. Please make sure that you choose a well-charged GreenGo since some of these zones are a bit further away from the service area and you cannot close your rent there. Currently, these are GreenGo’s discounted parking areas:

- Fashion Arena Štěrboholy
- OC Letňany
- Centrum Černý Most
- Metropole Zličín a Homepark
- POP Airport
- OC Čestlice
- Next to Ladronka park
- Parking lot Divoká Šárka
- At the beginning of In-line course in Modřany
- Obora Hvězda
- Next to Stromovka park

How far does a fully charged GreenGo drive?

Pick a vehicle on the map. When you tap on it, it will show you a battery-charge level and expected driving range. The maximum driving range of a fully charged GreenGo is around 150 km. However, this depends on the driving style, whether the heating or air-conditioning are turned on, the terrain, as well as the external temperature.
If you wish to save energy, use the ECO or ECO+ mode. Shifting the gear into the “B” position, known as recuperation, recharges the vehicle itself.
In any case, please ensure that the rented GreenGo has at least 9% battery charge when closing the rental - you can check this in the app.

Can I drive the GreenGo in the bus lane?

No, unfortunately, this is not the case, unless the traffic sign permits it. These lanes are reserved for public transportation vehicles and taxis.

Do I have to charge the GreenGo?

Our team is responsible for recharging GreenGo vehicles. Nonetheless, please ensure that the rented GreenGo has at least 9% charge left when closing your rental – you can check this in the app.


What are the bonus minutes?

You can get bonus minutes by inviting others to register for GreenGo or during special promotions. If you have bonus minutes you can use them to reduce your driving and parking minutes. At the end of your rental, in the Close rental window use the slider to set how many you want to use, or just tap maximum to use as many as possible.
Don’t want to miss our next promotion? Just set it at Profile/Sign up for special offers, newsletter menu and wait for our next offer.

How can I earn bonus minutes?

The easiest way to get bonus minutes is either to invite a friend to GreenGo through the app under the Recommend GreenGo menu or to charge our cars at one of the GreenGo charging stations. With a recommendation you earn 15 bonus minutes and your invitee gets 30 bonus minutes while charging a GreenGo is worth 10 bonus minutes. (Detailed information about charging our cars: How do GreenGo charging stations work?) Note that these bonus minutes expire at the end of the third calendar month after getting them
Check your available bonus minutes in the app on the top of the menu.

How can I purchase GreenGo package?

Go to the app's GreenGo Package menu to see the available amount of your GreenGo package with its expiration date. Here you can buy new GreenGo packages as well. The bigger the package, the more the discount you get and the longer your package is available.
GreenGo package is used for deducting the cost of your rentals i.e. driving, parking and extended booking fee. If you have a package you don’t have to do anything, it is used up automatically. Don’t forget to use up you whole package before its expiration date, because the unused part cannot be prolonged or cashed back.

Do I have to purchase GreenGo package to use GreenGo?

No, you don’t. If you’re sure that you would use GreenGo a lot in the near future, it worth buying a GreenGo package, because we are crediting some extra depending on the type of the GreenGo package. You are an occasional user and do not wish to take this opportunity? No worries, use our service without having a GreenGo package, and we will charge you according to your price plan.

What should I do if the car’s condition prevents me from driving it (e.g. very dirty, damaged)?

If something is not right, contact our customer service who will help you solve the situation. We also ask you to report the current condition of the car using the application. Naturally, we will compensate you for the complications caused by the situation.

What kind of insurance do the GreenGos have?

All GreenGo vehicles have both valid required liability insurance and accident insurance.  If you are responsible for an accident you caused, you will be subject to the deductible and you will also be charged administration fees.

- Up to 10,000 CZK in damage, the deductible is 100% of the amount.
- In case of damage over 10,000 CZK, the deductible is 10% of the total amount, however always at least 10,000 CZK.

How do I find out how much the rental cost me? And where do I find the invoice?

Invoices for your rentals are available in your application under the button Contracts/Rentals. We will also always send you the invoice to your e-mail.
IMPORTANT: The e-mail sent immediately upon the completion of your rental may not show the final price. This amount does not take into consideration possible discounts, maximum daily limits, coupons etc. The final invoice will be sent the next day.

Why do I see parking minutes charged in my invoice even though I did not use the parking mode during my rental?

The rental starts with parking mode and only turning on the ignition switches it to driving mode. This allows you to adjust your seating position and set the rear-view mirrors for a lower minute fee. So that you can drive comfortably and safely. :-) Also opening the GreenGo after parking, the rental state remains parking until the ignition is put on.

I didn’t use GreenGo at all, why did you charge me some fees?

We do charge 100 CZK as for the registration fee. This fee is charged the day upon activation of your contract. We then transfer the full amount into your GreenGo Package, from which your future rentals will be paid automatically. The GreenGo Package for registration is valid for 30 days.

How can I change my personal data?

You can edit your personal data in the application under the Profile button. However, if the change included your driver’s license data, we will have to verify your account again. Just like the first registration, this shouldn’t take us more than an hour. If you let us know about your changes in advance in an email, we will do our best to speed it up.

How can I change my price plan?

You can change your price plan anytime directly in the application under the button Contracts/Rentals. The change of the price rate from Superdrive to Basic come to effect from the first day after the already paid period of Superdrive expires. The change from Basic to Superdrive is active from the next calendar day.

What to do in case of forgotten login information?

You can find your username in the verification e-mail we sent you during the registration (with the subject line “E-mail address confirmation”). If you still can’t find it, contact our customer service.

What to do in case of a forgotten PIN?

If you have a biometric identification enabled, you don’t need your PIN to rent a GreenGo. Still, in case you will be calling our customer service, we will ask for two numbers from your PIN for verification. For this reason, it’s very important to always remember it. If you forget your PIN, you can change it in the application under ‘Profile’ button.
Note: You can only change the PIN when you don’t have any active rental or reservation.

How can I change my email address?

You can change your e-mail address in the application under the button ‘Profile’. Once you change it in the app, you will receive a verification message. Please confirm your new e-mail address by entering a verification code from the message.

Where do I find my spending and an invoice overview?

We always send invoices to your e-mail. Also, you can find them in the application under the button Contracts/Rentals.

What should I do in case I have a complaint?

In case this complaint relates to the currently active rental, please contact our customer service, ideally over the phone. If it’s not urgent, send us an e-mail to and we will answer in the shortest possible time to resolve the given situation.

How can I terminate my contract with GreenGo?

We are very sorry that you wish to stop using our services. We will be very grateful if you give us feedback and tells us the main reason why you are leaving us, so that we could learn from this situation. Thank you.
If there is no way back, please contact our customer service via e-mail (,) or just stop by at the office to resolve it in person.