Daily fee

If you want to rent a GreenGo for a longer stretch — perhaps for exploring the countryside — you can do so at a fixed fee.

Basic package

900 CZK/24h

Price Superdrive

750 CZK/24h

The daily fee applies to the rental of one car for 24 hours on a given day, i.e., you cannot close the rental or switch cars in the meantime. To use GreenGo at a cheaper rate, you don’t need to do a thing! The fee calculator will stop at the right amount depending on your package, and there are no further fees (e.g., kilometer fee).

You have the option to take a car out for several days. In such cases we’ll charge the daily fee for the number of calendar days on which you have reached the sum in your package (e.g., if on the second day you only rented the car for half an hour, we won’t charge the daily fee for that day). Please note that the maximum rental time is 72 hours.

Our cars all have highway fee stickers. Don’t forget to pay the appropriate highway fee if you go beyond the county! For longer rentals be aware that you’ll need to charge the car at some points. As such, we recommend that you plan your trip and map out the charging opportunities.

For more details, see the General Terms of Conditions.